Remove an item from a list of texts

Hi all, I have a Saas app that lets an admin user send out an email invite to another user using an email link, which they can then register and join the same team as the admin. To ensure a random user doesn’t join the team I’ve added an “Invited team members” field which checks to see if the user is in the list before adding them to the team. That’s all working great.

However, when the admin wants to remove a user from the team, I want to remove the user (which I’m doing easily enough) and remove the email address of the user from the “Invited team members” list of texts.

This is what I’m doing -

But it’s not removing the user. Has it got something to do with the way I’m trying to remove the the email address from a list of texts? I can’t quite figure it out.

Here’s my DB settings for anyone interested in how I’ve set it up.

Hi there, @findlaterapps… what you are doing seems like it should work, and I’m wondering if it might be an order of operations thing in the workflow. Have you tried running the workflow in step-by-step mode to see if the debugger can help you understand what’s going on?


I always forget to use the debugger :sweat_smile:

It’s coming back with “empty”.

Could it be that I’m saving the email address as a text input and I’m trying to remove it from a list of text using an email address? Would it work if I removed it using arbitrary text?

If the parent group’s user’s email is empty, then I assume the parent group’s user is also empty. Have you checked that? Are you sure the parent group’s user is being removed from the Teacher field?

Yeah that’s why I’m so confused. The parent group is definitely correct because it removes the Parent groups user from the teacher list. So I’m not sure why the email isn’t being removed either.

I ended up deleting the user in the database manually and then ran the workflow again and it worked as it should! False alarm

@mikeloc - turns out it was privacy settings all along.

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