Delete a row in repeating group when the source comes from a custom state value


Sorry for my english level, i hope you will undestand my topic :grin:

I have a repeating group displaying informations which come from several icons’s custom state.

These icons custom states are text with default value use to create a new « qualification item ».


Another custom state created on popup, is use to change the value of the square icon. When he is clicked, this custom state is a number from 1 to 20 depending the square icon clicked.


Then when I click on save button, the workflow create a new qualification item as below

the field « A/C Type » = The value of the square icon’s custom state.

Here is my problem :

When I display the fields on a RG, the user cannot delete rows with the delete icon.

I have tried with serveral workflow :

« Make change to current user => qualification list remove current cell’s qualification item » => This workflow doesn’t make any change

« Make change to thing => current cell’s qualification item => A/C type = empty » => This workflow clear the fields but the row is still on the RG.

This RG is use on a page search to help my community to search profiles, and i really need to delete item when informations are wrong.

Here is my RG data source :

Please, could someone help me ? I really hope to hearing you

I can provide more information if needed.

Thanks a lot

If you want to delete the thing from DB you need run workflow:
delete thing - current cell’s thing

It will definitely disappear from the RG.

If you need the thing just disappear from the RG view you need to make change to the thing so that it do not correspond to the search criteria.

Great ! it works !

It was so simple and I spend a lot of time… :sweat_smile:

Thank you very much!