Deleting App Data re creates it in a broken state


So recently I was going through and clearing out my app data to re use the project for another thing. Well I wanted to keep the data type itself as it was linked to workflows I just wanted the physical “things” it created so I selected them and deleted them but as soon as I did that it deletes them then re creates them so essentially I never deleted it is what it looks like… The strange thing is when it re creates the data its all blank Screenshot - 33317654801ad468d484c48c9cf207d2 - Gyazo which is very strange as none of the other data types did it only this table

Was wondering if anyone had any idea still?

Maybe a recursive API workflow could delete each item. I do recursive but I have it delete a list of things and I do 50 at a time so it’s a bit faster. If you have backend workflows available on this app