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Deleting duplicate data

Hey bubblers,
I have a social media feed in my app, where I have designed such that every time a post is visible on the screen, it creates new data with the current post and user as fields.
Now the problem is that it creates multiple entries for the same post (I think it’s because of the scroll position) but none the less what I need help with is…
Deleting the multiple entries that it has created and keeping the unique one.
I don’t mind if this action happens once a month, as my focus is to keep the data as clean as possible.

I tried setting an ‘only when’ constraint on the create-action of the seen post workflow, but that slows the system tremendously as it would have to search the entire data thing to find duplicates every time any post becomes visible on screen…

I need a way to delete the duplicate entries every time the user logs in.


Why do you need to store this, what use is it. You need to look to do things efficiently in the first place. Why not store a list of who has seen a post.

It helps me show unseen posts to the user everytime the user logs in