Deploy from live to Development

Hey everyone,

I’ve been experimenting with my project in development mode and now want to revert all changes made there to preserve the stable live version. Any tips on how to do this safely without affecting the live deployment?

There are many way,

1 - if you recently push to live, and your plan allows it, Restore it to the save point create before you push it to live. ( bubble automatically create a save point before pusing to live.)

2 - Can Sync you live into you main, this will override all the changes you did in main to make it same copy of live.

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Can you push savepoint to main? As I remember on Professional Plan (second cheapest one) I couldn’t do it.

How do I Sync my live into my main?

Is it only possible if my plan allows it?

If you click the version control, then press the little drop-down arrow; there’s a button like ‘sync with live’ or words to that affect.

Apologies for my lack of clarity, but I’m struggling to discern the arrow’s presence.

Go to the development version and I’m sure it’ll be there

When you push changes to live, bubble create two save points on each version. Live & Main.

One before pushing, one when pushing ia done.

I still cannot find it. Sorry!

Since I did the last Push long time ago. I think it has disappeared

No worry, you can sync your live into main then.

but before, create a save-point on both ( live & main ) to be on save side, if things dont go as pland you can reveert to.

after that goto main , and there open version control, and merge or synce changes from live into main .

Hmmm… the Reset to Live button is the one you want… maybe because of the plan you’re on?

I never used Reset to live, i always used merge from one brane to another one, but nice to know, thanks for sharing.

wonder, is it the same thing or is there something new.

Reset to live copies the live version into the selected branch so that the selected branch is reset to the same version as live.

As it Title suggest , I have guessed it, but i was wondering if it allow us to check the complicting workflow and let us have them or not. like the merging do

I don´t have the arrow. I suppose it´s because of the plan I have signed up

I also did not found the option…
Is not there a documentation about this feature?

Edit 1: I found the docs, my plan doesn’t have the merge branches feature.

Edit 2: I had success with exporting the current version of the live branch to a file and then importing it as the new version on the development branch.