App password on Agency subscription

How to remove app PW when it’s an app on an Agency subscription?

You can’t. Once you deploy then you can remove the app password.

Hey @vovahumnytskiy,
you can’t remove password on agency plan

Nice, so we have just wasted a month of work because the app won’t be ever publicly accessible :slightly_smiling_face:?

What do you mean “deploy”? We deployed plethora of times and added a custom domain already. Password can’t be removed yet.

You just need to change the plan of the app from Agency to a paid plan. Once you make that change the password condition will be removed.

The point of the agency plan is to allow you to develop applications but not use it as a production app until you move it to a paid plan. This is a “per app” setting.

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As @bubble.trouble stated, you simply need to upgrade to one of the paid plans. Pricing | Bubble

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