Design suggestions

Hey all,

I’ve been playing around with some ideas but I thought I’d throw this out there to see if someone can give me something better!

One of the features in my app, is the ability for my users to log/view calls, meetings, notes and emails against each of their customers (they may have multiple customers).

They need to be able to easily differentiate which “engagement” belongs to which “customer”.

At present, I have a nested repeating group, like so:

I don’t love the design - it doesn’t feel efficient or pleasing to the eye.

I wondered if anybody had some good ideas about how better to display this? I was thinking maybe a list of customers on the left, almost like the way you’ve have folders in outlook, with a list of the relevant engagements to the right, followed by the actual engagement content to the right of that.

There’s quite a lot of information involved and I’m trying to find the right balance between showing too much/too little. To give you an idea, it’s quite reasonable that a single user could have anywhere from 10 to 100 customers, and between 100 and 500 engagements per week.

Any ideas are appreciated!


Personally, I suck at making UI designs, but here’s my hot take: try adding a background to different groups and the page to differentiate things from one another. Everything sort of blends together. Alternating the colors between the cells in the left to right direction could help…maybe a dark gray, then a light gray, etc.

You could mess around on Microsoft Excel, recreate this table there, find a design that looks neat, and then recreate that look back into bubble.

Your tabs on the top right look great.

Again, there isn’t much depth on anything, so messing with backgrounds and outlines would help. It looks like one flat screen; try making it “3D” if that makes sense. A little depth would go a long way doing that.

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