Determining if bubble is the best platform for me for mobile dev

I have an application that I think will be very successful in the mid size enterprise business space. I want to spin it up as a website first, then quickly push to Iphone and Android native applications, and one of the big requirements this aplication will have is offline functionality. Users will need to be able to make an update and then have that update sync when they come online similar to the way social networking applications work.

  1. Is there any way with the mobile conversion methods to do offline functionality
  2. If there is not, if I write native apps in a more conventional manner then can those mobile applications connect in to the bubble database using a SQL connector.

I appreciate any feedback or insight any of you might have.

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You could use Bubble for the backend, a tool like Dropsource for the mobile apps, and use a Swagger file for Dropsource to leverage the Bubble backend. There’s a tutorial on Dropsource’s forums to show how to do this.


Outstanding reply, thank you so much. I think I’ve overcome any obstacles I can think of to make bubble the platform for this now.

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