Displaying different set data in the same repeating group

Hi Bubbler,

Hoping to get some help and advice.

I’m trying to get a Repeating Group to display a different sets of data depending on the type of user that has logged in.

I’ve configured two types of users…

And then in the Repeating Group Element, beside the standard data source, I’ve also configured two Conditions. One is, “When the User Type is A…The Data Source is AAA”, the other is “When the User Type is B…The Data Source is BBB”.

But the data failed to load.

The Editor didn’t indicate any error, so I’m trying to figure out what I did wrong.

Would love to hear if anyone has had this experience.

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Might be better to have two repeating groups on the page and show and hide accordingly.

Yes, that’s an option, but I’m just weary how that might impact the load performance of my page since I will be loading two elements and two sets of data…

Set them both to not load and collapse on page load.

Only the group that is set to true will show up.

Actually, it seems like a simple conditional. Not sure why it’s not loading. Are there any other constraints in the search?

Doesn’t that only not load the UI but the back end data is still loaded and cached? Wouldn’t that still impact the page performance?

I don’t think so but to be honest, your way of doing it originally is probably best; just need to work out why it’s not working

Here are a few screen shots that shows the search constraints…

For the standard Data Source for the Repeating Group, I’ve only have two constraint…

For the Conditions, the Data Source constraints are also not that complicated…

Can you select the ignore empty constraints and see if that works?

I found the problem…and proceeded to give myself a face palm.

Apparently, I didn’t link the data that I used to search for the item. So the data is actually empty on the list. No wonder Bubble can’t find it.

The condition worked fine.

Thank for give me a few ideas!

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