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Develop matching functionality for mentors/mentees based on tagged skills & needs

I’m developing an online platform called Kua,

How can I develop matching functionality for mentors/mentees based on tagged skills & needs?

I want a mentor to apply to the program through an application, listing their experience/skills. Then I want the website to automatically match up that mentor with a mentee who applied for the program, saying they needed those same skills. I need to somehow tag the skills & needs and match up the best fit.

thank you!

The way you can do it is by having a list of skills on the user type (probably list of text is the right type), and the do some searches on whether a user contains a given skills in this list.

Can you show us what you’ve done so far (screenshot, or on the forum app).

Thanks Emmanuel. My most updated app is here, where you can log in and see the application form:

Screenshots also provided here of the landing page for the website/application, and the two different applications for the coach/entrepreneur.

I could use help figuring out:

  1. How do I make the submit button in each case take all the date from the input boxes and put it somewhere useful?
  2. how do I match up coaches and entrepreneurs based on what they put in their application for skills/experience and needs?

thank you very much!

  1. if you want to save the values in the database, you create a new ‘thing’ and then define some ‘fields’ and for each one, you define the value in the Create new thing action as ‘input A’s value’, for instance. See this

  2. This one is usually done with the right constraints on a search for coaches, for instance. That’ll be easier once you have an attempt and we can comment on it.

Emmanuel, thank you so much for your help!

  1. for the first one, I think I’m half way there, but I can’t figure out where the data is going when the user hits submit and how I access it. Here are screen shots of what I’ve done so far based on your last advice. As you can see, in the data tab, the record doesn’t show any user info. I’ve filled out the coaches application 3 times, but can’t see where the data went. I started the workflow from "submit button is clicked, “created a new thing,” which I called a coaches record, and then I input all the values from the input fields I created on the application page. How do I access the data inputed to this form now?

thank you!

  1. Secondly, once I get the data right, can you explain what you mean about constraints on search for coaches for creating the automatic pairing function of coaches and entrepreneurs? Thank you!