Development, Staging (QA)?, Production

We have a missing peace in our development/test model. No staging system for QA to test.

We had a successful Go-Live last week, and now our production system is off limits to our QA team. Our developers would rather not have QA testing on the development system.

Any ideas on a good approach to this operational problem using Bubble?



You could clone the app to a new app and let them go wild on there!:slight_smile:

Staging would be good however…


@DaveA, Good idea about cloning. But there is still a hole in the release model, especially when we need to perform parallel development and hot fixes.

I have gotten the model down to the following, but there is one piece missing in the model:

  1. The Version 1 app is running on App1. App2 is a copy of App1. App2 is used for feature development of the Version 3.
  2. App1 “Development” is used for QA testing of Version 2. If hot fixes are necessary, then they can be applied to App1 “Development”, and QA can resume testing. Hot fixes can be manually applied to App2.
  3. Release candidate of Version 2 can be pushed to App1 “Production”

I believe the problem with this approach is that when App2 (Version 3) is ready to go live, do we point the domain to App2? If so, then how do we migrate the production data from App1 to App2?

Would love to hear everyone’s ideas here.


It would be great to know if others have found answers to this. The issue of having to rip into Dev and blow your production back up away is nauseating and something that professionals never do. Definitely cloning gives some relief but is not a part of a migration strategy. Has anyone progressed this?

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Haven’t read the full thread but here is my latest experience with versioning if it helps.

Not having a QA is still an issue. If I clone to create QA then that app needs to be on a paid-plan too. If u r using some of the paid features which most people will.

And then if your app is live then your data goes stale on both QA and Dev. So you need to bring QA back on to Dev before deploying. Or sync prod data to QA and make that live instead.

But there is hope. A new feature called selective deployment is just pushed down by Bubble team. So you can push quick fixes to prod. I didn’t get time to test it but could be very useful.

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Thanks Prashant, yes the selective deployment is good although determining the activities within the change stream is very cumbersome. I’ve managed to do it to 2-3 times I’ve needed it but I always felt it was a bit of a guess and limited only to activities that are small enough to identify in full across the entire stream. Once you’ve done a decent amount of work in an environment that approach loses it’s value.

What’s needed in simplest terms is a test or staging option so that we can at least have Dev - Test - Production which is the minimum for solutions being built for real customers. Many of us cannot afford to have our dev environment (which serves as our only easy migration to production) get so out of sync with changes that it no longer represents something we can immediately repair production issues from. I’m currently in that position with a re-write of features that is leaving me very nervous.

Thanks for your insights.


It looks like the last response was in 2018 (3 years ago). Has there been any movement on this? I’m running into the same issue. I’m building an application and I NEED a staging version deployed to a real URL for QA purposes. How are people getting around this? I’ve got a team of 5 working on this so the preview option is constantly asking for a refresh.

Surely bubble has some option to fix this?

I have same problem, I think that the answer is in using versions to flow from dev to test to prod, but I’m just starting to work through it.

Do you have more details? It’s super difficult to work on development while users are doing UAT on the same development version. We need a development, stage and production environment really.