Has any of you created a versioning system in Bubble?

Have you or someone you know done this? Would you mind sharing your learnings?

I’m embarking on this journey and I’d love to get a learning boost from others.

From my sketching it should be rather straight forward. That scares me. I’m probably missing the key points that are going to hunt me down later. I’m drawing inspiration from the likes of Confluence that allows you to have a version-test and a version-live.

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You’re saying you’d like to give your production users a “dev” and “prod” version of your app?


It’s an app for organizations to assess the maturity of their teams. The assessment is a long list of questions.

The app admin might change the wording of the questions or add/remove questions to the overall assessment. Before the app admin releases those questions, he would like to check them with his peers.

I’m looking to version the questions and the list of questions (aka question_set).

Let’s take questionA. The app admin works on it. Should I create a new question item - questionA_1 with a field status=draft? Should I then link both questions together with a field previous version so that I show how they are related?