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Idea: add "Staging" environment

We’d find it helpful to have a staging environment, in addition to Test and Live. This is particularly true since there’s currently no way to branch the code so we have to push all of it to production at once. When that’s true we have to stop developing and test everything, fix all bugs, and get each piece to completion all at the same time (and not start any new work until it’s done) so we can push a fully functional version to production. Anything that mitigates this pain point would be helpful.


I support the idea of more in-depth version control. Having a (or many) development instance “branched” from a primary app would be fantastic. Maybe something like private templates (like the ones for we can make for selling)?

I second this, very important for “professional” staging.

In regards to the sub apps, I think it would be good to define modular parts of the application, and customizable parts. Think of reusable elements with workflows but versioned ones. Then you could more easily push changes down to sub apps that are using these, and also choose which version to use.