Development to live updates

Hello all!

So made my website live and now I want to update it and I’m hoping somebody can see whether I am doing things right?

First I switched to development mode and I wanted to add google analytics so I downloaded the plugin and added the tracking number then click on ‘deploy current version to live’. but when I switched back to the live version, the tracking ID I put in didn’t show up. I noticed the same thing for my meta tag. I added it all in development mode but it’s not showing up in live version. Is there a step I am missing?


The tracking ID you put in should be the live version, it’s optional to put in the non-live version as well.

Other than that, once you deploy to live, you should be able to track your site using google analytics. Have you tested on google’s end to see if you’re able to view sessions?

Also - sometimes it might be slow, or a refresh of your browser may be needed. Try those as well.


When I put it in the live version, does it save and update automatically? I did the same thing with the meta tag but it wasn’t there when I logged back into the account

What do you mean save and update? In short, yes, any deployment saves. You must deploy though, not just switch to the live version.

Can you please share a screenshot of where you’re putting the tag?

Im putting the ID there and for the meta tag Im putting it where that should be aswell but when I paste something in a pop comes up and says that its on live-read only. If I try putting them in their spots in development mode when I switch to live mode they just disappear

the pop up just says that to make changes I need to go into development mode