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Problems With Google Analytics Set Up

Hi Guys, I just wasted so much time on something so simple to fix that I am sharing it to hopefully save many of you some time.

When you set up your Google Analytics (GA) with the Bubble GA plugin, it is really the easiest thing. I won’t cover the details as other people already have. But I do want to emphasize one thing.

Once you already added your GA Tracking ID to the Bubble GA plugin settings, you NEED TO DEPLOY TO LIVE. Otherwise, it won’t work.

Hope this helps


Great tip! So obvious but needed the reminder… I was staring at the live view wondering why it was showing “0” visitors :sweat_smile:

I’ve added my unique Google Analytics site tracking ID and deployed live but I’m still not seeing the HTML header contain Google code with my tracking ID in the page source. How do I get this to work?

When I go to the page source of my site, I dont see the tracking ID on the html code either but it still works. I am not sure if the google analytics plugin actually displays the tracking ID on the html code visible to everybody. If its not the code (as it is in my case), it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not working. Check your google analyitics account to see if when you go onto your website it shows there is activity. If not, the only thing I can think of is that you didn’t put the tracking id correctly. You have to go in the admin settings to property settings and get the tracking id there. Mine has a format of AU-9digits-1 digit

Hmm, in my experience the page should have embedded Google Javascript code that includes your tracking ID but I don’t see that emitted on the page. Not sure how you’d see analytics without that. How long does it take for GA to start reporting results?

My tracking is also picking up pages from the development environment. Does anyone have the same problem? I have not included the ID for the Dev environment.


Hi !

I had the same problem then followed your advice and yes, it worked.

Nevertheless, I just reset the all GA account in order to re-arrange correctly my events and page views, AND I CAN’T RECEIVE ANY DATA ANYMORE.

I tested the connection into the Google Analytics Admin section, it is redirecting correctly onto my website but GA is showing no online users or page views, even if I access to the website from some different devices.

I am almost ready to save every user’s behaviours into the database and build directly an analytics dashboard for my customers…

Cheers !

Thanks for that!

What I noticed is that my traffic fro Brave browser is not accounted for, if I go to my site and check real time analytics it’s showing 0. However if I use any other browser it’s showing 1. when I;m on the site.