Did Bubble change how animations work?

Today I noticed that animations are acting differently. In this link ( https://streamable.com/9smo88 ) you can see what I’m talking about. You can see the slide up animation on buttons. Before they used to be visible all the time even when they are animating but now the bottom part of the buttons cut off while they’re animating. Did anyone else notice this?

@josh This seems like a remote change (once again). As I said before these kind of remote changes that can sometimes mess up with our apps makes me lose trust in Bubble. I was a very happy paying customer before but slowly I’m starting to rethink. Please, instead of these remote changes do updates that we can manually update to.

Yeah I’m now seeing issue where elements are no longer showing

I submitted a bug report here: https://bubble.io/bug_report . You can also do the same, so maybe they will fix it quicker.

@josh Some of our users are noticing this broken animation behaviour and messaging me about it. What should I tell them? I’m really sick of Bubble remotely breaking some parts of my app. This is not the first, second or third time. Ever since I started using Bubble I’ve been having issues repeatedly. Please fix this soon, I already submitted a bug report but they take a long time. And I beg you to NOT do these remote changes…

Same here, the have removed overflow on groups and is cutting off my box shadows. first of all making anything responsive is a headache and we create groups inside groups etc and now its cutting off box shadows all together. I have to now go and increase the size of these boxes individually all over my app. Im just waiting for getting access to bildr studio and im off bubble for good even if it takes me to scrap 6 months of my work on bubble and redo shit over there.

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I totally agree with you, I am a paying customer and when I started using Bubble I’ve almost never had any issues, but now I’m having issues every month. I want to stop using Bubble but since my app is very complicated, I can’t take the risk to switch to another platform. I’m just hoping Bubble changes how they push out releases…

Sorry about this, this should be fixed now right?

Yes, thanks. This is fixed, I was talking in general.

This is something we’re actively working on (better testing in particular). Bubble is a complicated system, and sometime fixing one thing can break another. Our test coverage catches most things, but the ones that don’t get caught are still very disruptive.

I know it’s not satisfactory, but try give us a little bit of time to fix this.

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I know, take the time you need. I just hope these kind of issues get minimized…

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I had View holding the background color. This includes Animated.View for the bubble animation. Its position was absolute so that it stayed on top of the screen. I also added some basic styles myprepaidcenter

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