Animate popup errors today

Logged in today and all my popups which are shown on animate Vs show and hide are throwing errors. maybe just me but just asking if anyone else is having the same issues


Hey @Bubbleboy,

We heard through the grapevine that Bubble is deprecating popup support for animations. :shushing_face:

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You are well connected @copilot and have the inside track, thanks for the reveal

Hey @copilot @Bubbleboy,
I’ve just ran into this issue. Is there any update on this. I can switch these to Hide and Show as opposed to Animate if this is the case. (I have noticed that the rendering is a little sluggish at times when using animate for pop-ups so it was on my list of changes anyway. :slight_smile: )

I’ve been meaning to change these for a long while… Unnecessary and probably not good anyway. Like most things with bubble when I started… If I could do it… I did! All my pop-ups are now hide and show.

Luckily I only had 16. If anything this update helped me locate all of them. :slight_smile: I did get a little scared though!

Yup, this, and we apologize for breaking your workflow!

We removed the animate feature from popups because it had a tendency to conflict with the built-in animation code in the popup element, causing bad things to happen.

See also: What is going on? (Popup animations)

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Totally understand but its good practice to issue EOL or that you intend cease availability Vs just switching it off and we are left in the dark like mushrooms. things need to change i get that but i’m not a great one for surprises unless its my birthday


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