Did something Change? Can no longer see chats

Did something change recently? I have a chat system in my app, and all the past chats are no longer showing. This has worked fine for months. I checked the database, and all the chats are still in the file system, but they are no longer showing on the chat page.

I thought I check first before spending the next hour trying to go through everything to see why it’s no longer working.

I’m experiencing odd behavior as well, but with dynamic text and bubble charts. Just stopped working today (not showing data) with no changes.

Possibly related…

See the forum Data source does not appear on Repeating Group - #3 by emerson.acba

Yes, I believe that’s the same issue as I’m having. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

I was having the same issue, but it looks like its been resolved.

Yes, working for me now as well. That was a bit chaotic on our site. These kinds of changes scare me.

yeah, me too!