Did workflow search just get a lot better?

… or am I confused? :rofl:

It now searches for actions too, and displays them in groups. It didn’t always do that, did it? I’m loving it! :heart_eyes:


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Yes we pushed this on Thursday


You sneaky bastards! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you @emmanuel for this. You just saved me several hours of frustration work.

See, I had a client request that I provide him a list of all emails send by his app, under what conditions they’re sent and the content of each email.
Problem is I didn’t create the initial app and the app is huge and sends a lot of emails so I had no idea where to start searching from and I was likely going to even miss some of them.

With this new feature I simply just have to go to all pages and re-usable groups and just search for my email action name (which btw are all send through a scheduled workflow).

BTW I didn’t see any gift icon or a post on this forum about this new feature.
Every new feature is worth announcing else we’re not going to realize the improvements in the platform which warrant upward price adjustments.

I love this.