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🌸 Die Asparagus! - Free Zoom Game to Play With Friends

Die Asparagus!!! - Free Zoom Game to Play With Friends

Go to the game:

An hour before the party was going to begin I decided to make a game. We already had the idea in mind, we wanted to play a scavenger hunt game on Zoom. I had the idea that I could make this less work for myself. Instead of holding up a piece of paper each time with a description and an image, I could do this with a program. Then I don’t have to have them run back to the screen each time where someone might see the next clue ahead of the other players. So I decided to make the program. It was down to the wire, an hour before the party began. Just in time, Version 1.0 of the scavenger hunt game was created. We all had a great time, it was a hit! I was encouraged to make it public so others could play it too. After a while, I decided to devote some more time in cleaning it up a bit and making it more automatic. Now we have, what we call

Where did the name come from you may ask yourself? Well, I was playing another game with some friends where someone would create a tag line and another person would draw a picture. The images were combined and the end result would be a t-shirt. Everyone loved the ironic and cute but menacing look of the t-shirt. We decided to call the site ‘Die Asparagus!!!’ with the cute little flower on it.

Anyways, this is a free game. I wanted to make it available for anyone to play it, as well as making the option to pay if you want to show support.

How to play:


  1. The host clicks ‘ Host a Game
  2. Click ‘ Create/Edit Room
  3. Upload an image of an item. (I.E. an Apple, a Shoe, selfie)
  4. Add a description (I.E. something Red, your shoes, a funny picture of yourself)
  5. Click ‘ Create Item
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 as many times as you want (10 items are suggested)
  7. When done uploading all items, click ‘ Done Adding Items
  8. Copy the top link to send to your friends vie email or a group message
  9. Once your friends join the room you will see their names show up and a count of players
  10. When your friends are ready, click ‘ Start Game
  11. The countdown starts and then you will be automatically redirected to the results page
  12. Watch your friends add images to the results page and cheer them on as you dynamically see who is in first, second and third place
  13. Share your screen on Zoom to display the results to your friends live or to those who are just watching the game
  14. Cheer them on and be an announcer if you choose to make it more fun
  15. Have a great time, bookmark the game and share the game with others! If you enjoy the game, show some support


  1. Click on the link you receive from the host
  2. Add your name and press ‘ Play Game
  3. View the item image and description
  4. Find and item that matches where you are at (I.E. in your home or car)
  5. Click ‘ Take Picture
  6. Click ‘Take Photo or Video’ (on iPhone)
  7. Take a picture of the item you found
  8. Click ‘Use Photo’ (on iPhones)
  9. Repeat steps 2-8 until you finish the list of items
  10. You will automatically be sent to the results page to see how you did
  11. Have fun laughing at the pictures your friends took
  12. Enjoy! Bookmark the game and share the game with others! If you enjoyed the game, show some support.



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Hi there! Neat idea. I’m trying to build a multiplayer game as well, and am wondering how to build the “Create a Room” feature that allows users to create private rooms and share links with other people to join. Do you have any tips or tutorials on this topic? Much appreciated!

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Hey :wave: @willxm

I create a database called Room, then you can send the room to the page. The link will have the room in the URL. The link would look something like this (This link is just an example, it doesn’t actually work)

Most of my tutorials are on my eLearning Hub, which is a paid membership. I will be doing an option sets tutorial first, then I can put it on my list to do a tutorial like this as well. :blush:

Hi there J805! I don’t understand how you’ve got the Player Count part, with the section on waiting for host. Does Bubble have a way of tracking who’s on the page? So it can update the player count? Or is there something else at play?
Does your eLearning Hub cover this all this sort of thing in detail?

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Hey @notanescaperoom :wave:

I don’t have all the steps to create this site on the eLearning Hub. Some steps are there, for example, how to make a one page app, using set states and other things like that.

I will be adding how to do a ‘room’ feature soon on the eLearning Hub as well.

For updating the player count, when the user joins a room, I add them to the room’s list of users. That way, I can display it to the host as well as give the host a count of how many users are in the room.

Does that make sense? I hope that helps a bit. :blush:

Hey @notanescaperoom

I just created a video to explain how to create a virtual room and create a link for the users to join the room. I hope that helps a bit! :blush:

It’s posted on my eLearning Hub - Members Only (Paid) site. The link for the video is here: eLearning Hub - Creating a Virtual Room

Hope that works for you!

What did you use to make this game?

Hey @anon26152888

What do you mean? Like which no code software?

I guess whatever software you used to make the game.

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I used Bubble of course. :blush: It took me an hour to do the initial build. Then I took a few more to refine it later on.

I have been using Bubble since 2016 though.

I just bought your course but can’t find the tutorials for this game.

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Hey @daniel35 :wave:

Let me try to send you the link. :blush:

Here is the link again: eLearning Hub - Creating a Virtual Room This is how you would create the foundation of the game on Bubble.

Now that you are a member, the link will take you right to the video. If you have any questions, let me know. :blush: