Differences between "log in as user" vs being logged in as actual user?

I am having a situation where a user is consistently seeing something in their account, but I don’t see it when I log in as that user.

The user has tried clearing cache, switching browsers, logging out and back in, and they’re consistently seeing the same thing, yet when I use the admin panel to log in as that user I’m not seeing it. (yes, it’s the correct user, double checked)

The different thing is a menu that’s only shown if User>user_type>contains>"admin".

When I log in as the user, I see the admin menu, but the user doesn’t see it when she logs in on her computer. There aren’t any other conditions on that menu that determine its visibility.

The only thing I am left with is the possibility that the actual database that she is accessing is different from the one that I am accessing. The “admin” property did change fairly recently. Is that possible, or is there another explanation?

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