Works in Dev, not in Live

So, I committed a new version of my app to Live, and immediately started experiencing issues that weren’t present in the development preview. Namely, some strange behavior in repeating groups. One RG was not displaying contents at all, others were removing items when I interacted with them. Again, these issues are not present in dev preview, and they also affect parts of my app that I have not made changes to since the last commit.

I reverted my app, then committed that to live, then re-reverted my dev version to the most recent. So I’m no linger seeing issues in Live, since it’s back to the older version, and I’m not seeing issues in Dev preview since I never was.

So I’m confused, and not even sure how to trouble shoot something like this. Where would I begin trying to find out what’s wrong?


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Do the new changes to your app require new objects that you created in your database? Don’t forget that your dev and live databases have different data in them. While pushing your dev app to live updates the database STRUCTURE (e.g., new data types will exist), it does not copy any of the items IN the database. (If you need to do that, you can accomplish it for the whole db or just individual data types in the Data tab.)

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I thought about that. I’ve looked back through my notes and noticed that I need to take even better notes :slight_smile:

I maybe added one field, but I am still a bit confused. I’m starting to think that maybe this is a privacy issue (possibly connected to that field. Every time I’ve had some very strange behavior, it’s been due to privacy settings. I guess I’m still getting my head around that. I’ll dig in there.

This can cause the same sort of behavior. Maybe on dev you’re logged in as someone with all the permissions, but on live you’re not able to see the things that your’re seeing in dev.

Your original post does not say anything about what it is that you’re trying to show in those repeating groups. However, if they are empty that means that whatever they are attempting to display is simply not available.

“Not available” means either (1) there is no data at all for whatever search or expression you are executing or (2) there is no data that you are allowed to see for the search or expression you are executing.

That’s pretty much it. So this is not hard to debug, really.

Thanks @keith

I’ll be able to dig in to the privacy settings tomorrow.

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