Content in Repeating Group shows in Development mode, but doesn't show in Live mode. Please help!

Hi Bubblers!
I have an RG where the content shows perfectly in Dev mode. But, when I make it Live, it doesn’t show. What could be the reason.
Here are the screenshots (one in Dev mode & the other one in Live mode).

I have Grouped the RG and other elements into a Group and made this Group ‘fixed width’.
Please help.

Dev and Live database tables are separate. Did you make sure to add items to the DB in Live?

I’m guessing it’s because the Live database is empty.

Oh k, got it! Thank you @lantzgould & @andrewgassen

What is the best way to copy the Dev database to Live database?
Sorry for asking such a silly question!

Data and App Data, then,

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Thank you so much @JohnMark :slight_smile:

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