Different Group Behavior on Different App Pages


I have something strange going on that I can’t figure out. Most of the pages in my app are comprised of a mix of column, row, fixed, and floating groups. No problem here, when I drag a new group container onto a page, I see these familiar tabs and choices:

But on one page that was build by a different developer, I see a different set of tabs and choices when I drag a group container onto the page:

There is no layout tab, and I can’t figure out how to convert these groups into row and column groups. I’ve done a lot of google and docs searching, but I can’t find the answer.


Looks like the page is not using the new responsive engine…

Just click the ‘upgrade responsive button’ on the page to upgrade the page to the new flexbox responsive engine.

Thanks a million Adam. I thought that it may have something to do with Responsive Engine but couldn’t figure out how to correct.

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