Can't resize group with new responsive engine

So I switched a page to the new responsive engine, firstly it sucks and makes no sense.
Secondly, I can no longer drag my group to resize it, do I have to manually type in a size now or something? Whats going on?

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It makes a lot more sense than the old responsive engine (you just don’t understand it yet)…

But, to answer your question… no, you can’t drag elements to resize them in the new engine, you set elements sizes on the layout tab of the properties editor.


Can’t resize elements by dragging? So, the new responsive engine will take longer to use + I can’t wrap my head around it where I could understand the old responsive engine in around 20 minutes. No offense sir but it quite literally doesn’t make more sense.

Side question, is there a way to have new apps as the old responsive engine?


Check YouTube for how to use it.

But yes, just use Fixed instead of row or column.

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I had the same thoughts as you when I saw the upgrade. I really really hated it, especially since I had just finally got pretty good with the old way.

It took a few days of tinkering, but now I’m 100% on board with the responsive. I love it. I’m building beautiful pages 10x faster and easier than the old way.

Once it clicks it’s so good. Trust me, just play around with it a little.



It certainly does if you understand flexbox (which is what is based on), and if you don’t then you need to learn (but it’s not very complicated)…

So, the new responsive engine will take longer to use

Nope… trust me (and everyone else whose taken the time to learn the new engine), it’s significantly faster to build fully responsive pages, and ever easier (and quicker) to maintain and update them…

Well thankyou for this information. One last question - does the new responsive engine make the app run faster?

It should improve page-load speed, if that’s what you’re asking…

Alrighty im back, now using the new responsive engine. So I can’t resize groups and such by with my cursor, I have to go and manually type in numbers to resize everything? Please let me know if I’m misunderstanding, so far I’ve been doing this, and it’s taking me 20x longer to create things. This is so ridiculous its making me laugh.

The whole point of being a responsive page is it adapts to all screen sizes if configured with proper min/max widths, etc. If you just set it to fixed and manually drag things then you’re just locking in the size instead of letting the browser viewport push and stretch things.

Of course some elements you will want fixed size but why manually drag them and make a Map 247x461 when you’re just going to retype it anyways to round numbers like 250x450?

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