Different product displaying the same listing

I have created a repeating group however every product I click on takes me to the same page.
The same is happening when I use the search function. The dropdown displays a product but when clicked on it takes me to the same page.

I created an “edit Page” where I can edit the listing. It is that edited page that I keep getting taken back too despite having set inital content. (The edit function is working fine as the edit happened perfectly in the data sheet).

I hope this makes sense

In short every listing I click the only page displayed is the one that was edited.

Well, you’re obviously not ‘sending’ the correct data to the page (either that, or you’re not referring to the data on the page correctly).

Without knowing what you’re doing, that’s about all the insight anyone can give.

So feel free to share what you’re actually currently doing if you want some more specific help here.

Absolutely, and to say i am a novice would be an understatement.
Whats the best way to share what I am doing?

Some screenshots of your page element properties and workflow can be useful.

Even better, is a link to your editor (set your app to ‘anyone can view’, so it’s read-only, and just copy the URL from the editor and paste it in here).

Dont seem to be able to add a collaborator because I haven’t upgraded so I am about to bombard you with a bunch of screenshots.

Edit Page

Create Listing


Any insight would be amazing. If you need anything else please let me know.

Sharing a link to your editor has nothing to do with adding collaborators… you just literally copy and past the URL of the editor.

In any case, it’s a bit hard to tell what’s going on from just those screenshots…

What exactly is not working here?

So basically after I upload a listing and then edit it whenver I go to view any other listing only the edited one can be viewed.

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