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How to send data to a page so that the destination page data can be edited

I have a page ( Listing ) that users use to list items, the page itself is set up as users. Once they list items, they are taken to another page that list the items they have listed, a “User Dashboard”.

On the user dashboard page, I have the page set up as user with a Repeating Group of Type Products. I have 3 buttons in a cell of the Repeating Group to Edit, Delete, Mark.

What I would like to do on the Dashboard page is for the user to click on the Edit Button in the current cell, go to ( Listing ) page with the product data from the current cell and populate the fields on the listing page so that it can be edited then re-saved.

Also how can I set up the delete button to delete items based on the scenario I have described?

Thanks in advance!

You could have the delete button Show are popup with “Are you sure ?” and clicking Yes would do the delete ?