Difficulty initialising API in Bubble API Connector

First time using the API Connector for me. In Postman i have a Shopify GET call working smoothly (authenticated with Oauth2 token). However, I can’t initialise in the API Connector. I’m getting an HTTP 422 Error.

The format in Postman is different to Bubble. You just add a token and the GET call url in Postman. In Bubble’s API Connector there’s a ‘Token Endpoint (post)’ input, where i’m just adding the GET url with the token as a header (same as for my call). I must be doing something wrong here.

Any pointers appreciated!

You are using an endpoint that is not the token endpoint one. It’s an API Call.
Can you share your postman settings?


So in Postman you have configured the oauth2 setting, that is the full client setup. If you want to do that in Bubble, you need to use oAuth2 User Agent flow. Configure everything correctly with the correct authorize and access token endpoint. But I’M not sure you will be able to do it with Shopify API because the current user access token is only available on specific app (plus) and the payload may cause issue to parse the email and ID of the user (you need to do that if you let Bubble handle the auth).

So you will probably need to handle each part manually. For now, you cna turn off the Authentication in Bubble and if you manually put your access token in your header, it should work. Actually, it probably cause conflict between your setting in authorization part and yout setting in API Call

Thanks for the advice @Jici, really appreciated. I’ll give it a try anyway.

I turned off the authentication and it now works. Thanks again.

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