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I’m trying to build a little personal app to help with my business. I don’t really want to pay the $75 for the Shopify app, even though it does what I need - I want to learn how to use the Shopify API. I’ve used the Google API and learned a lot; now I want to try my skills on something else.

However, on step one, I’m a little lost!

Check these endpoints out:

They’re the wrong endpoints, namely because I don’t know what the right endpoints are. That’s why I’m here to ask for help!

After this it should be smooth sailing, but I’m stuck! What are the RIGHT endpoints?

Others have asked similar questions in the past on this forum, but I’m hoping that more developers have tried their luck with it and know how to get this to work. Any input is appreciated and highly valued.

Thank you!

Here’s the Shopify documentation, hoping for some help <3

Bump !

Shopify API url are related to the shopify store.
Do you wan’t user to authorize your Bubble app but only for your store or you want user to be able to authorize their own store?

I’d love for the user to authenticate their store.

It’s a custom app, but I want to create it with the possibility of it being a public app one day.

So in this case, I think you need to consider to use manual process.
You cannot populate dynamically the auth part in Bubble. So the only option (other than creating a plugin server side action) is to use manual self handled process
So you will need to set a url or open external website action to call the authorize url. After you will need to handle the redirect url with the code. Call the token endpoint to get the access token and refresh token + expiration. Store everything in DB and use this to call API Endpoint.

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Great thinking. I’ll try this out. Thank you!

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Hey @Jici ,

following the steps above in conjunction with Shopify’s direction has led me to successfully return an authorization code. The next step would be to call the access token via

POST https://{shop}.myshopify.com/admin/oauth/access_token

However, when setting everything up in the API connector I’m hit with:

You can see my data set up here:

This is following the directions to a t – any help would be massively appreciated.

SO close!

You are not sending a JSON actually. Your payload is a url encoded.
There’s no information about that, So I suggest that you try the Content-type application/x-www-form-urlencoded


Brilliant. Thank you so much for helping me!

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