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☑ Disable Copy Paste plugin for Bubble by Zeroqode

This plugin disables copying and pasting content from your site, both from the entire page and from a single element. As an additional option, it allows text to be copied by adding text + a link at the end of the text so that users know which site it was copied from.


  • prevent copy text from whole page
  • prevent copy text from special elements
  • allow copy text and add custom message

Live demo:


Disable Copy Paste | Plugin for Bubble by Zeroqode

No-Code App Plugins for Bubble | Zeroqode

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@ZeroqodeSupport @levon This plugin literally doesn’t work even in the demo page. You’ll have to fix it!

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You can achieve this exact behaviour without a plugin (for free), hope it helps :slight_smile: :

It just uses CSS which targets a specific element. If you want to target multiple elements, copy and paste the script with multiple IDs or just add the same ID to multiple elements and the CSS will target all text with that ID.


Awesome! @georgecollier this solved my issue :slight_smile:

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This is considered bad pactice, ids should be unique and assigned to only one element.
While the browsers are forgiving and will apply the css, it’s bad for accessibility

It’s actually very easy to use unique ids and add the same css rule for multiple ids.

Hopefully one day bubble will give the option to add classes to elements.

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Yes that’s right, which is why the first solution is preferable!

It’s actually very easy to use unique ids and add the same css rule for multiple ids

Hey @dorilama can you give an example of what you mean? Sounds useful….

I can’t speak for him so he may have something else in mind but you can name each element id ‘block-copy-1’, ‘block-copy-2’, ‘block-copy-3’ for example.

Then modify the CSS rule to include each of those elements so

#block-copy {
    user-select: none;

would become

#block-copy-1, #block-copy-2, #block-copy-3 {
    user-select: none;

Ah gotcha thanks! Is there a way to make the class dynamic?

#block-copy-{dynamic value} {
user-select: none;

Never tested… you could try it! Don’t see why not (by the way are you talking about using it in RG and applying the CSS to each element inside an RG or something?)

Was just thinking about how to do what this plugin does without using a plugin

Yeah this is what the plugin does behind the scenes (well I’m assuming based on the plugin UI, the demo didn’t work)

[id^="block-copy"] {/* ... */}


This simplifies using it inside RGs with unique IDs, great suggestion :grin:

@arensbpa it’ll apply the CSS script to any element where the ID begins with block-copy (so block-copy-1, 2, 3 etc are all valid). In an RG you could set the ID of each element to copy-block-Current cell’s index so that each ID is unique.

(So replace #block-copy with [id^=“block-copy”] if you want this behaviour)


beautiful ya’ll thanks @georgecollier @dorilama that can come in handy in so many places!

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Hi @nocodejordan ,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. :pray:

I am glad to inform you that we have launched an update with obfuscation, version 1.7.0 of the Disable Copy Paste Plugin. In this new version, we added styles to it.

Kindly update the plugin to the latest version within your app and let me know if everything is functioning correctly now.

If you have any additional questions or suggestions for enhancing our plugins, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We are always happy to assist.

Have a nice day ahead,
Zeroqode Support Team