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[New Plugin] Anti Copying Plugin



The Anti Copying plugin is an easy to use plugin to prevent thieves from stealing your hard work like media, writing and more. The Anti Copying Plugin can be simply installed just by clicking the "Install" button in the Bubble Plugin marketplace.

Key Features

  • Easy to install
  • Perfect for all enviroments
  • Free to use


Visit the plugin demo page here, and it's as easy as that!

Made with ❤️ by Nicholas Pagonis

Love it. Will probably use in my app.

Nothing is 100%, but this works pretty damn well.


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It is definitely a start though :smile:


Nice work @NicholasPagonis

Would there be anyway to stop the keyboard combination when selecting ctrl + c? Might be best if you could disable the user to select/highlight text, just a suggestion. Cheers.

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Should be coming around in the next update. Had some minor difficulties but that’s just what happens :smile:

You’re better of making an element with functions than placing it as a header on all pages.


I appreciate the feedback. Definitely something worth looking into during the coming updates.

Just implemented it! :+1:


I would make it resizable and change the height and width, 400x - 200x is big…
Also, there is no functionality on the element page? You still have the shared header enabled.


I was replying to Luke regarding the “C” key functionality. Apologies for the confusion.

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A few minor changes have been made to the original forum post.

I would like to thank everyone who has viewed this topic and who has contributed to the discussion. All the feedback a support will motivate me to make better and efficient plugins and templates in the future!

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211 views! Still going strong :muscle:


I just randomly fell on your plugin and really like the idea! I want to keep users from exploring the source info since my apps are data sensitive.

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As @Codeables suggested make it as page element instead of adding it site-wide.

Simply create it as a plugin element and just copy the existing code into it.


I agree.

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Hi Nicholas, nice plugin. I like blocking inspector but some text within the application I want to make and copyable, could be an email address or phone number for example.

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I can definitely relate to your situation. What I do, and also what I recommend, is turning things like emails and urls into buttons or links. It is the simplest solutions which works just fine, but I will take a look into a work around. Thanks for the feedback! :+1:

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