Disable handler .blur?

Hello again (that was quick…)
So, I made my first plugin… its 1 line of js, it just sends a value to an input.

Expected behavior: keep the value information, be able to pass this value to another input.

What is happening: after a new value, if the input loose focus, it empties the value
on mouse down too.

After a stackoverflow research, I got that I could cancel this behavior getting rid of .blur
Something like this:

function myFunction() {
  document.getElementById("bubbleInputTest").value = "Johnny Bravo new value here"         

           $("abc1").blur(function() {
    if (mousedownHappened) // cancel the blur event
        mousedownHappened = false;
    }        }

well, this script turns my Brave browser dev tools to a red sea…
any ideas? I just want my new value to stick to use in other inputs/html

URL: https://sandboxthiago.bubbleapps.io/version-test

Thanks :grinning:

Seems to work for me. I can add and delete the text with the button click

I made a quick video to explain the unwanted behavior :frog: