Disable user account

what is easy way to disable user account on bubble without deleting and leaving holes in data. I was thinking that admin user could change users email address which means original user can’t login. Any better ideas?

You could add a field on the user called “isDisabled,” set it to a Yes/No, and only let them access if the isDisabled is No


But in that case i need to let them log in first before i can test isDisabled flag. It would be great if this was a system field on user table @emmanuel

HI @eric.schwantler you can add the field yourself. If the Flag says NO and you added the condition that they can only log in if the field is YES, they can’t log in.

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I understand but I can’t test the flag until I am logged in and would then give feedback that account is disabled and the log them out again.

No, before you run the login action, do a search for the user by the email in the input field. Then you can check if the account is disabled and go further.

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Or only enable the login button for click until the email is validated.

Show an error message if it is disabled.

thx @NigelG

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