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User validation


I’m trying to set up user validation in my app.
For now, every user can log in if he puts the correct credentials.
But now I need to differentiate active / inactive users.
And inactive users can’t be able to log in.

So here’s what I did :
On the submit login button, I added a condition : when button is clicked AND when : (do a search for users where email = input email AND isValidated = yes) 's number = 1

With this, I mean to trigger the click only if there’s a user with this email address that is found in db and isvalidated = yes.

If it’s not the case, then I display an alert message : your account isn’t validated.

But it’s not working… Everytime I’m not able to log in anymore… Even though isvalidated = yes in the database for this user.

Could you please help me ?

Hello and thanks for posting! Please email Bubble Support with the name of the app, page, and workflow in question so that this behavior can be investigated.

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