Disappointing responsiveness =(

I always get awful white space, it makes me mad!

I can’t understand why it appears. It is not Page, no one of my groups has that white color.


@Bubble @emmanuel

It seems like the menu at the bottom is just a normal group? Can you make that one a floating group and stick it to the bottom? Then it will stick to the bottom of the page no matter what the height of it is. Would that help? :man_shrugging:t2:

I have a normal group for wider screens and a floating group for mobile.

So the problem is not in the floating group on the bottom…it is in the normal groups in the middle of the page that contain the content which look like images and a caption…which inside of a repeating group

That little space between the bottom of the off white group sand the blue line I put a red rectangle around, is the same space you see at the bottom of your main repeating group that has the nested repeating groups inside of it causing the issue

So, put a group that has no background color in that space, set it to not visible of page load with collapse height when hidden…in conditionals set conditionals based on current cells index is less than the main repeating groups cell count to keep the ‘invisible’ group shown so the space remains

Then have another conditional when the current cells index is the main repeating groups cells count to make the ‘invisible’ group hidden so that the space is collapsed for the section at the bottom of the page.