Display alert/popup on multiple pages, for everyone


At the moment I am trying to achieve the following: As soon as I press a button ‘Announce’ there will be an announcement/message/popup displayed on multiple pages of my site, for everyone. Besides that, the announcement shouldn’t disappear after reloading the page.

I found this thread but it hasn’t really helped me out yet: How to show an alert on All pages

I get that I need to make a reusuable element, but what kind of custom event do I need to make for that specific element? How will I make sure that everyone who is on the website receives the announcement as well? And how to make sure the announcement doesn’t disappear after reloading?

Looking forward to some help!

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So, I think you could do the following:
Create a new data type called “Announcement”
Then on every page, add an event to do every 5 seconds

A person can put in new announcements. You can place a group down and then add what should be put in there by adding the action to display data in a group.

You can select your group and set the data to be displayed your last announcement.

I hope that made sense lol

This thread might help, when I get to a laptop I will see if I can make you a demo.

Thanks guys, I haven’t tried anything of the above mentioned solutions yet, I will later today though when I have some spare time.

I’ll keep you guys updated :wink:

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