Getting an image from repeating group as the source of a dynamic image elsewhere on the page

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I have created a repeating group that has 16 groups, all with unique images and titles.
I am trying to make it so when i click on in image in the repeating group, a group not visible on page load becomes visible (lets call it Group A), displays a bigger version of the image they clicked, and then extra information on that repeating groups cell (that was clicked) shows alongside the bigger image.

I want to make it so that the bigger image in Group A, gets it’s dynamic data from the repeating groups image. I have tried a few variations of dynamic data eg Repeating Group Images > List of Images > Images, but nothing I do seems to work.

Can anyone think of a workaround?


You can call it with states:

Option 1: when image is clicked > set state of image_big (number) = current cell’s index.
image_big data source = dynamic image = repeating group’s list of images item # this group’s number custom state

Option 2: when image is clicked > set state of image_big (image) = this image.
image_big data source = dynamic image = this group’s image custom state

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Thanks for your guidance @duke.severn

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