How to display multi dropdown results as rows in a repeating group

I am new to Bubble so please excuse my potentially ‘noddy’ questions!

I am using a multi dropdown list for a user to select multiple business categories against a business profile. This appears to be working fine.

I am then using a repeating group to display the different categories against the business profile, however, each category is on the same line, e.g. not being treated as a separate list entry. See below, I hope this makes sense…


You have to have the “search” as Data Source in the Repeating Group.

What you have is a search inside the TEXT element.

The text element should be Current Cell X.

The repeating group is a “search”…

But I’m not sure how I complete the other part, I’m trying! :slight_smile:

But “current cell” isn’t an option when I try to format the display…?

What am I missing?

Thank you so much!

hm make sure the text element fits nicely inside the Repeating group

best way to make sure is the change the background color, the text should display in all cells

I can get the query to work, as in pull the data, but it’s all on one line on the screen? It’s like it needs a break to know that it needs to move onto a separate line in the repeating group?

The result:

I’ve been trying to resolve this all day!!!


no it doesn’t work that way.

okay let me take step back:

What kind of data type you have in dropdown? What the user picks there?

Can you give an example how do you want it to work? when user picks for example B2C in the dropdown the RG should display all categories that are B2C, yes?

You probably do not have the right database structure.

  • attach the screens that show the Business category - category_profilename in data base. From App Data and Data type

I have a Business Categories thing, in which I have categories fields (I have 2 currently to help with problem solving this issue).

I have tried setting this field to a Text field, and a List of Texts field (as you can see), but it doesn’t change how the data is being presented.

When the user selects business categories (using a multi dropdown list), each category is saved into the business categories thing, and is linked to the Profile thing, and also the User thing.

Then when the user wants to review their profile they can see everything they have set up. For the Business Categories, these should present in a simple list, but, as you have seen they are all on one line.

I have seen comments about using API’s and other bits, but for something so simple (I think), I would have thought I’m simply missing something very obvious! I hope I’m missing something obvious!

okay, I see where the problem is.

To my knowledge you can’t display it in a list like you want it to be displayed because Bubble see it as one text - because the way your database is structured.

My recommendation:

  1. Use option sets - the multidropdown should refer to the option set. I presume what you have is static choices in the multidropdown.

(edit - made a mistake, my bad)
2. In the Data type Business Categories create a field CATEGORIES and set them as a List of Options Sets.

  1. Set the RG’s to display Business categories as you want

You must use List of Texts if you want to have it displayed it as a list.

example how to set up the Option Sets

BUT before you do that

attach the screen what the user picks in the multidropdown and how is it saved

Thank you I will give this a try shortly and let you know how I get on.

Your help is really appreciated!

The main problem is that you probably have it saved as text rather than a list.

What you need is sth like this:


Check the example in the editor

I have worked through the editor, setting up the options list, and creating the repeating group, and success!! When the data is displayed it is now on separate lines :smiley:


I do now have a separate issue where I need to add constraints to the repeating group to only pull out the categories for the selected business profile (a user can have many profiles), but that is a challenge for tomorrow!

Thank you for your help with this, really appreciated.

As an aside, where did you find the editor video, how do I access them? It was super helpful!


sounds simple, just add a constraint

what do you mean? you mean the shared app?

Where did you access this?..

Bubble Editor - Piaskownica

This is my app made public so everyone can see the editor.

Options -> Generals -> Application rights

You would think this was simple wouldn’t you, but I’m finding it a struggle. I can add categories to my user, but User is too high level and means that I can’t identify which of the businesses profiles the categories are connected with, therefore it simply shows the whole list of categories for the user - as opposed to by Profile. I can’t find how to add them to a Profile, whilst ensuring the Option Set continues to work and display correctly.

I meant the video from Piaskownica.

I don’t know how your data base is structured and what you are trying to accomplish so I can’t help you with that level of abstraction.

You can connect User with with Business Categories by adding on Data type User - field type Business Categories - Business Categories etc.

Create a connection on User to Profile .

And on Profile create connection to Categories/Option Categories.

And then use Current User Profile etc

I’m sorry but I am still confused. There is no video in Piaskownica editor.