Display button when any one checkbox is clicked in repeating group. How to implement this?


I have a repeating group table. One column is a checkbox. There is a button outside of table. Now how can i show this button when one checkbox is clicked?

Probably multiple ways to to this, but off the top of my head here’s a simple way…

Have a custom state somewhere on the page (anywhere except on an element inside the RG). On the RG itself would be ideal. Call it something like ‘checked items’.

This state should be of the same type as the RG content-type, and it should be a list.

Anytime a checkbox is checked add the current cell’s item to the list of ‘checked items’

Anytime a checkbox is unchecked, then remove the current cell’s item from the list of ‘checked items’.

Then just put a conditional on the button so it’s only visible when the ‘checked items’ list count is more than zero.

Thanks @adamhholmes for the advice. Below is what i did,

  • Create a custom state

  • Than created 2 workflows

  • When checkbox is Checked, increase value by 1

  • When checkbox is Unchecked, decrease value by 1, than if custom state value is 0 than hide the button

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