Display content from a submitted form

I am hacking together an MVP for my start up. Ive got a typeform form where the user answers a series of questions. Then I want to display those answers on a webpage. It seems a relatively common task, e.g. to confirm what data you’ve added.

Any ideas?

Are you saving the users answers from the inputs into your database? Where do the respondents answers go when they press the “submit” button?

If you save the answers into your DB, you can send the unique ID from the DB entry and display the results on another page using a simple search.

Hi Mac2 - appreciate your response. At the moment answers just sit on Typeform, but I can get them into Airtable or a Google Sheet. I am just not sure if there’s a no code way of pulling them from any of these to display on a bubble webpage? Thank you

Ahhh I see. Not too familiar with TypeForm, but I’m sure there are a few ways to bridge it to Bubble.

No-code options I can think of are using services like Integromat or Zapier.

Code options would be just reviewing the TypeForm API Docs (https://developer.typeform.com/) and creating a webhook thats sends a response in TypeForm right to your Bubble DB.

Is the webpage you are hoping to show respondents displaying their answers going to be in Bubble? If so, why not just recreate your TypeForm question flow into Bubble and keep it all local?

@firgroveforbes Did you manage to get the Typeform data into Bubble?
@mac2 Do you know any resources that explain how to create that webhook?
I’ve got a similar problem and my typeform logic is so complicated, I daren’t try recreate it manually in Bubble (although I will if I have to).

Hey there, sorry no - have had other things to sort. But still keen to try it. Sorry not to be able to help. Adam

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