Looking for help connecting Typeform and Bubble


We need some help connecting Typeform and Bubble. We want to display and filter Typeform responses by user id on the Bubble page.

Can you look into the Typeform responses API and let me know if that’s what you need? Should be simple to setup for you. I’ll be away for this evening.

Yeah, we just need the fields.

It should be pretty straightforward.

  1. Get responses with your form id
  2. Add RG on a page with Data type = your API Name and source distilled down to item.

  1. Add groups with answers fields that are unique to your form. For instance, if you use “yes/no” answers, retreave This item’s answer’s boolean.
    If you use numnered choices (“Rate our app from 1 to 5”), retreave This item’s answer’s number.
    If you use text choices (“What company comes to mind when you think of cell phones: Apple, Samsung, …”), retreave This item’s answer’s choice etc.
    It actually just requires some playing around - test out ALL your fileds in the Answers call - and you’ll get what you’re looking for.

Finally, apply hiding rules based on your sorting requirements.
Hope, it helps :slight_smile:


Here’s the plugin, it was already available.

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Thank you!