Display data from page URL

Hi !
I’m french so i’m gonna do my best to speak a good english…
I would like to use data from 1 page to another page and would like to send it to another page, the different data are dynamic data, not fix

On Page 2 : When i click on “Text 1” I go to “Page 1” with 3 parameters :
-Key 1 : “menu” = seance (it’s a fix data)
-Key 2 : “patient” : Parents group’s seance’s Seancepatient (name of the patient, it’s a dynamic data)
-Key 3 : “uniqueSeance” = parent group’s Séance’s DateSeance (date of the seance, it’s a dynamic data)

I would like when i’m in page 1 to use the “data” i’ve send with Key 2 and Key 3,

I explain : Key1 open a first static group, but key 2 open some different group depend of the name of the patient, but i dont know how to display data from key 2 in a repeating group… and the Key3 is the same system and depends of key 2…

Hope you understand me and have a solution !

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