HELP - Dynamically show group values based on URL text

Hello everyone, I really need some help here. I’ve already wasted 6+ hours on this problem and gone through almost every post in forum on this topic - but not able to solve it. My issue in detail -

I have three kinds of data tables (or things) - User, Business, Platform. Each User can have multiple Businesses, and each Business can have multiple platforms.

Example: User1 has Business1, and Business1 is on Platforms P1, P2, P3

What I’m trying to do
Whenever I type the URL: “应用宝官网-全网最新最热手机应用游戏下载”, I want my page to extract “business1” from the URL and use this value to show all Platforms for that Business (P1, P2, P3) in a repeating group list.

My questions:

  1. How to extract just “business1” from the current page URL?
  2. How should I pass this value to the page / repeating group to show the relevant data?

Thank you NigelG. :grinning: I saw your replies on other forum posts too, and everything helped!

What replies or posts…in this thread I only see two posts…the original one and the second is thanking NigelG but there is no reference to the posts you found helpful in other threads, nor is there a post in this thread from NigelG

Am I missing something here?

Not sure what happened to @NigelG’s reply, but the basic technique is described in detail in this thread. It even includes a link to an edit-mode example.

Alternatively, if you need additional path levels or better forward/back browser navigation, my Sudsy Page plugin (a paid plugin) might be worth checking out.