Display data in a popup + type of content is text


I’m having trouble with displaying data in a popup.
As seen in the screen below. The blue field is clickable and shows a popup. The popup needs to show the name of the blue field. It also needs to show two other fields with the same row of the same data-type.

When i add a workflow to the group where the text is shown, it won’t work. In the workflow, it won’t let me pick the current cell’s text


You can set custom states to store the value of the current cell temporarily. Then in the pop up you can show the value from that state.

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That’s because your popup has a type of data that it accepts. You’ve set the “type” of your popup to be a non-text type (which might include having no type at all). If your popup should take a text as its “data to display”, set its type to “text”.

However, this is NOT how the feature is intended to be used. It’s intended to let you pass a complex, “custom” datatype (aka a Thing) to the popup. If you just wanted to pass a primitive datatype, you wouldn’t really need the popup group’s type feature. You’d just have a text element in the popup that references an expression of text type.

This is not to say that a popup of type “text” wouldn’t be useful, but it would just be a custom-styled version of an Alert element, at the end of the day.

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