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Display Data in Calendar

Hi !

I have a problem with diplay of data. I have Users, Horses and Events, a user can add friend at horse, and the friends of user can create event for this horse like the user. But i search to display the event in my calendar, he displays only the events created by user.

Normal because i have constraint “Created by = Current User” but when i add an other constraint i have a problem with the issu fix

Somebody know, how can i do this ? (sorry for my average english)

Hi Camille, :slight_smile: Happy to help you out with this - Can you share a link to your app to get a better idea of how to set the calendar up with your data structure?

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Hi !

I can’t share my link sorry.
To add a friend, the user must give address mail of other user, the address mail send in Horses in field Friends which is a List of Text. When i add the constraint to search the friends, i have issue error because is a List of Text and he wait List of User.

Can you help me ?

Camille, you can create a copy of your page for the display purposes only and share it with us so we can see the issue :slight_smile:

Otherwise it’s really hard to understand your problem )

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