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Full Calendar - Need help letting users create their own events and be displayed only in their calendar

Hi! I’ve been using the Full Calendar plugin but I’m having a little bit of trouble. When a user creates an event on this calendar, it also shows up on another users calendar instead of being on only the calendar it was created on. I really need help finding a way where this won’t happen, and users can create evens where it won’t show on someone else calendar or vice versa. I will include screenshots below of the workflow tab and data incase there is something I can add in one of these areas to fix this problem.

Thank you so much!

(everything in orange is part of the calendar)


Hi Annella.

The super fast fix would be to change the calendar source to be: Do a search for events: and add a constraint (click do a search for) creator = current user.

Once there are 1000+ events this will be a little slow as all events ever created by all users will have to be searched.
Hence: When a user clicks your button “Create Event”
Create an event as step 1 of that workflow, as you probably already have done. However, as step 2 of that workflow, add that event to the current user’s list of events. (To make this possible, go to the data tab and the type user and add a new field called list of events)

This allows you to change the data source of the calendar from Do a search for events to Current users list of events.

hope this helps, let me know if you need further help via pm.

happy bubbling,

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Wow! Thank you so much Julius this worked perfectly! Thank you so much for your guidance and assistance I wouldn’t have been able to do it otherwise. :slight_smile: