Display data in Popup does not work because of change to thing


I have a problem with a popup:

I have a nested Repeating Group and in every cell there is a dropdown to make a selection. Each cell is a custom thing (an Outcome). In every dropdown there is the “Add new value” option. As soon as a value is selected I run a workflow which checks whether the selected option is “Add new value” and if that is the case it opens a popup. I do a change to the custom thing (Outcome) and then display the thing (outcome) in the popup.

But this does not work as in the debugger it gives me the following error message:

Anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong?

Thanks so much for the help!


Doesn’t this imply that every selected option is “add new value” or are there multi choices?

If there are multiple choices and you want a user to see an outcome in a R.G. cell and be able to choose from a list of choices in a dropdown for actions to take and you want one of them to be “add new value” and then be able to in a popup add a new value to the outcome, then you should try this:

  1. On choice of “add new value” set work flow to show popup and send data to group ( the popup element ) and the data to be sent is the “current cells outcome”

  2. The popup will have a data type of outcome but it will not have a data source. You are basically setting its source in step 1 with the send data to group action.

This way in the popup you will have access to the outcome from the R.G. that the user selected to “add new value” to.

No need for custom states except for maybe setting a custom state of “option selected from dropdown” that you use to verify if a workflow action to show popup and send data should be fired.

Hi Boston,

Thanks for your answer. It is correct, only one choice is “Add new value”, the other come from other lists. I basically did what you said, but nonetheless at runtime I cannot access the data. The screenshot I sent is from the debugger. So also when it is running, I do not get access to the data from the cell and can therefore not modify it. I get the error message that “the Outcome of this element has been modified by an action, the data source property above is therefore not applied”.

The change I need to make because I need that data to access this later on.

Any other ideas why this does not work?

Thanks so much for your help!


no ideas from your explanation. If you open your editor and send me the link I could take a look at what you have set up that is causing the problem. Make sure you allow me to edit so if I find things set up well enough to implement my solution I could just go ahead and do it, as it should take just a couple of minutes.

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