Display data in popup

New around, just started today, so here’s my idea:

I have 1 form, I set up the workflow this way:

Basically, my issue is sitting at the “Display data in Popup Request”

I want to use the thing data created at step 4 for my pop-up when the workflow finishes.

Here’s the pop up:

For this forum let’s say I am trying to get the Email value for the Thing (Request) created at the step 4.

But nothing gets displayed… :frowning:

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello @yourbudgetcar welcome to the community!

Two suggestions:

  • Check your privacy settings for the involved objects (“data things”)
  • Make sure that all parent groups to that text element have their type and source set
  • Consider using the debugger in step by step mode when previewing the page. It will help you pinpoint the problem

You are right it was a privacy issue! Thanks will deep dive a little bit more into the Privacy Rules.
A lot of thanks!

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