Data displayed on front but not stored in my database

Hi there,

I have an issue about data…

I have a workflow with a “make changes to thing”. The aim is to add some points when a user is clicking on a button.

My workflow is the following :

When button is clicked > Create a new thing in my table “Creation” > Make changes to “Points” in my table user > Terminate this workflow

The points are taken into account because i’ve tried to displayed them on front and the good amount of point is poping.

However, the amount of points are not in my database…

Any ideas ?

Please find bellow some screenshot…

Thanks a lot for your feebacks and ideas

Capture d’écran 2022-04-13 161519

Hi there, @david69… I doubt the issue is related to privacy rules because you are making changes to the current user, but if you are new to Bubble, it wouldn’t hurt to check this out.

The above being said, what is the point of the step that terminates the workflow? I wonder if that step might be running before the second step. Can you try to remove that step and see what happens?


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Thanks for your answer and for your reminder about privacy rules :slight_smile:
Everything works ! The amount of points is now in my database and it changes when needed !

Thanks a lot for your fast and efficient anwser :pray:

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