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Hi @romanmg / Gaby,

I am trying to push data through to a pop up and I have been following your responses to people asking similar questions but I just cannot seem to get my app to work.

I have a drop down and when a certain drop down value is selected then the pop up shows. (I have got this to work). I then want to show the event name and the location in the pop up. Please see the print screen below.

In the pop up I would like to show the data that was entered on the previous page. At this point I will not have saved the data anywhere. I have attempted to create a custom state but that is not showing up.

I do not expect you to look at my app, but just in case and in the interest of efficiency I have included a link. Any assistance/ help/ pointers would be very gratefully received :slight_smile:

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^^^ There’s the problem. That data does not exist as it is not saved anywhere. If you don’t want to make a thing in the database, you could pass all the info about the thing to the next page using URL parameters. That’s one way to do it.

That works with a page, but I don;t think it will work with a popup.

Pop ups do not exist outside of a page. 1. Pass data to the page via url parameters. 2. Do whatever you want with it there. (For example, display it in a pop up.)

my understanding is that the data is already on the page that the popup resides on, so I agree that the data is already there.

Hi, @rachel.camp900

I am working on a similar function, and was able to get the data, both from an input on the page, as well as, from a custom state, to display on the popup.

OK, I missed that. The data is on the previous page, not on the current page. So all you need to do is pass that data to the current page (with the popup) using the Goto Page navigation workflow, and check “Send more parameters to the page”.

Then name and identify the parameters you want to send.

Then create input fields (hidden) on the current page and use the “Get Data from Page URL”, which is the last option.

Then on the popup, reference the data from the hidden input fields.

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Or just reference parameters directly. No need to shove it into a hidden input.

The bigger problem here is why should we leave some page where we have some sort of unfinished business to attend to?

(Looks to me like the idea here is some sort of additional info gathering, perhaps? Why not just do it in a pop up on “the first page” rather than on some “destination page”?

If one MUST navigate to some other page, a much more robust way to handle passing the data would be to create the new “event” object [or whatever’s being created here] and set a flag on it like its “unfinished” is “yes” or conversely its “published” is “no” or “temporary” is “yes”… ya know?)


@rachel.camp900 I know you tagged me at the start of this, but @robert and @keith have both provided some good steps forward for you.

If you need to go to the 2nd page, you should send the data via URL parameter in the Go to Page action from Page 1. Then, in your popup, you can extract those parameter values with “Get data from page url”

Here’s a video that uses the concept which you can apply in general and to your popup scenario:

Thank you all,

I have been attempting what you have recommended. I have abandoned the pop up idea for now. I am just trying to push data from one screen to another…and failing.

I can see my key in the URL - i just cannot get it to display? Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

It is showing in the URL? why will it not display?

Back to your pop-up idea for a minute, here’s a video I made that describes and shows the general technique:

As for your passing an argument to a page. The problem is this:

I don’t know how you managed to build that expression, but it needs to be this:


I managed to get the data to be puled from the URL. Watching your pop up video now.

Hi @keith,

I have been quite for a while but I have been implementing my new skill set through my app.

Now I am taking this to the next level. I have followed your instructions and I can now send data from one page to the next. I am using this skill to complete the following requirement.

  1. Repeating group showing the list of names that are attending an event.
  2. I have an invisible button in the repeating group that sends you to another page where you can review all the details on that child. When you click on the button you are taken to the account page - the name of the child is transferred through the URL.
  3. This is where I am stuck and I have been working on it for a couple of days. I have the Name - now i need to populate all the other fields below with the data relevant to that name. I have attempted constraints but they are not working. I get random dates included. Shown in the print screen below. My repeating tables showing medication taken shows all the medication taken by all the children in the system. I just want the details from the name transferred in the URL and displayed in the the first input.

NOTE: I wanted to display the data in Input fields, not text fields. I thought it was worth mentioning just in case this was the problem.

Hi again,

I have checked my data and it turns out that neither of the DOB are correct. So I am guessing that it is going the same as the repeating tables and showing all the DOB test data.

Any help or time that you can spare would be received gratefully.




Here is another example which I think is the same problem. The repeating group shows all the test data and not the relevant data for the Parameter.


Here is the workflow for the text within the repeating group:

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